Doing a Sentence but Committed no Crime

This is my first blog for quite a while due to my litigation against Liverpool Labour Council and Autism Initiatives

The Mainman has had 14 surgeries due to the injury he received while in their care he has greatly suffered and what happened to him has broken his heart and mine.

The trial is scheduled for June around the same time as the General Election.

The incident happened 4 years ago and Mayor Anderson OBE has continued his campaign of silence for the whole 4 years refusing to help the Mainman.  This is a Labour Mayor the party that says they have empathy with all disabilities the action of Mayor Anderson is abhorrent and shows him up for the man and politician he is.

This is a Labour Mayor the party that says they have empathy with all disabilities the party that is asking disabled people to vote for them, the actions of Mayor Anderson towards the Mainman and his Mammy has been toxic – how can such a powerful man/politician isolated such a vulnerable man oh! yes a Labour one.

After 43 years of caring for the Mainman I don’t give a tinker’s curse what Mayor Anderson and his administration think of me, but it does show Mayor Anderson as the man he is uncaring and dismissive, 4 years of Liverpool Labour Council saying we will not accept liability because protecting the system is more important that protecting a man who has Classic Autism – Severe Learning Difficulties and Non-Verbal.

I  believe the general election is going to be a brutal one for Labour, I loath the Tories but I know what to expect from them….. How can Labour restore Justice for people with disabilities when Mayor Anderson has treated/treats the Mainman and his Mammy in such a deplorable way.

My next blog will be after the trial – ”now that is going to be an interesting read”  





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It is nearly 4 years since the Mainman received his injuries while in the care of Autism Initiatives and Liverpool City Council Adult Social Care.

Litigation is still ongoing, my legal team has told me Liverpool City Council and Autism Initiatives are ‘cross’ with me for writing blogs and they wish me to stop.

I started blogging to make people aware just how Autistic Adults are treated by the very people who have a duty of care to them.  The Mainman has now had 10 surgeries because of the incident.

Yesterday the government were defeated in the House of Lords over controversial proposals to allow councils to request exemptions from statutory social care duties.

Today Mayor Anderson made a statement asking the residents of our city to support a 10% Council Tax increase the increase will be used to keep Adult Social Care afloat he goes onto say if they don’t get an increase  he will no longer be able to fund even basic services.

The fact Liverpool Council have no money doesn’t stop them from fighting [using public money] my litigation but then why should they care it’s not their money and not their child.

Doublethink the power of holding two contradictory beliefs.





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Private Eye….. still worth a read.


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Empathy is a feeling of understanding to appreciate the feelings of another.  

In the case of Liverpool City Council who have a direct effect on the lives of Disabled Adults they are void of empathy.  Liverpool City Council make decisions that affect the lives of vulnerable adults not caring of the impact or the disabled persons preference.

If a person is non-verbal (like the mainman) they have a right to be listened to and understood irrespective of the way they communicate.

In today’s climate in Liverpool the Disabled Adult is forced into doing things the council prefers rather than the disabled person, the more challenging the person the more they are left out of activities, the system wants someone who is ‘easy to manage’ and not someone who is difficult or demanding.

The mainman loves to sing (in his non verbal way) dance – feel happiness – his emotions are real……  

He was recently honoury best man at his brothers wedding – he wore his old training shoes/tracksuit bottoms and ”New T Shirt”  he was happy and content.

The best part of the day for the mainman was the food and Guinness he turned the day into his day, even having his own chocolate *wedding cake*.

It is important that  Liverpool City Council see the world through the eyes of a Disabled Person.

Disabled people are in every way equal to all – Disabled Lives Matter.








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I’ve been unable to blog because of litigation against Liverpool Labour Council which is still ongoing and a trial will happen hopefully very soon,  me in a witness-box, it will be the rebirth of Bette Davies I will be fighting for justice and recognition for the Mainman.

Oh yes ….. separate proceedings have now been issued and served upon Autism Initiatives.!

My heart sinks in despair and disbelief how the Mainman has/is being treated by Mayor Anderson and his administration.

Mayor Anderson has put millions of public funds pursuing his ‘dreams’ and cosying up to his corporate friends, while Adult Social Care/Service Support spirals out of control for the most vulnerable people with Learning Disabilities/Autism.

Parents and carers have been intimidated, brainwashed, or simply through complacency, been compelled to accept the cuts made by Mayor Anderson accepting standards in care that are below what they want for their adult children.  The support worker with my son when the alleged incident happened had received ”no training” and on zero hour contract.

Mayor Anderson never accepts responsibility for anything that goes wrong in the city – he turned his back on the Mainman, turned his back on a profoundly disabled non verbal Autistic Adult…… gives the measure of the man.






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The true cost of the Mayor

When tenacious local campaigner, Audrey O’Keefe, prised from the reluctant council, the fact that Mayor Anderson’s private tribunal fees cost council taxpayers £89,000, I was shocked.  All credit t…

Source: The true cost of the Mayor

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The Six questions that need to be answered over the £90k

But what does Richard Kemp think?

Okay let me admit it from the start. I am in trouble with the Mayor of Liverpool again. I knew this when within minutes of putting out a tweet saying he should repay the £89,950 I got from him a vitriolic and abusive e-mail. He always claims that if the situation was reversed he would not ask the sort of questions that I do. He forgets that he did frequently and whenever he could before he became the leader of the council and then Mayor.

This all refers, of course, to the FOI request from Audrey O’Keefe that Mayor Anderson’s legal fees had cost liverpool tax payers £89,950. Let me pay tribute to Audrey who is not a Lib Dem but is a devoted mother and a doughty fighter for the people of Liverpool. Audrey kept on going at the strange case of Chesterfield School when I had given up…

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