The Day in the Life of an unpaid Carer in Liverpool.

……………… I have come to the conclusion Liverpool City Council have institutional bullying within their corridors of power, why else would a serving councillor send me an email telling me I’m hated by a cabinet member and her husband, and the he goes onto say they also hate him……. while there is in-house fighting in the corridors of the Town Hall the unpaid cares of the city weep.

The other day I noticed another Cabinet member posted on Face Book,  he said he was very weary after a long trip to and from Gateshead. (trying to get support for a family member)  *I’m getting a taste of what the public has of dealing with public agencies. No doubt an overworked, over burdened workforce dominated by systems rather than compassion. Also highly sceptical about whether Human Rights are used as defence for non action rather than an imperative for action*  Hey Councillor welcome to my world……  Ironic really as this same councillor put his hand up for every Adult Social Care cut. 

Liverpool Labour Council has cut Adult Social Care to the bone, the latest venture is to remove in-house transport and make their customers use public transport. The cabinet member for Adult Social Care said this is not about money but empowering people with a learning disability to mix with the public.

The Paralympics can only confirm that Liverpool Councillors have much to learn from disabled people.

The disabled people ‘segregated’ from the main Olympics has enhanced the quality of their efforts as ‘valued’ people as never before.

Disabled people do not have to be absorbed into the community to be valued and have a good quality of life.

To remove in-house transport will lead to confusion and distress to the disabled person; it will also lead to job losses to drivers and escorts and added stress to the unpaid carer.  This is not about empowering but Money…. always Money……

Councillors expenses for 2011/2012 …… 1 million……………going to have to sign off now I need to write a letter to my Bank manager explaining why my over draft has an over draft………….. hope he likes unpaid cares and he is dedicated to the poor…………


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