The day in the life of an unpaid under Mayor Anderson’s Liverpool.

I’m an unpaid carer and in dispute for 3 1/2 years with Liverpool City Council for not providing a day service for my adult son who has autism. 

The reason my son is without a day service is while at his former day service which was autistic specific, he had an ‘accident’ while being supported, the police interviewed the support workers under caution, file to CPS but sadly no action, my son is non-verbal.

The Day Service which remember is Autistic specific and after 14 years of my son being a client – removed his contract Christmas 2009 (no room at the inn) he didn’t just lose his day service he lost 14 years of friends and no one cared and he has been at home since.

Within the 3 1/2 years of trying to get a service I have been batterd and bullied, but the most cruelest blow came recently from a Labour Councillor who  sent me an email telling me a cabinet member and her husband who is also a Labour Councillor ‘hates’ me. 

Hates me what for, for fighting for my son for a services which inlaw he is entitled to, I have done nothing wrong it’s Liverpool Council who are breaking community care law.   To be told  an elected member hates me is outragious.  What sort of Labour Council do we have in Liverpool they have sunk to an all time low.

*In Liverpool City Council’s leaflet sent to every home with the Council Tax demand. It states “Carers are more than just a number in Liverpool – they are priceless to the city and its most vulnerable residents*.

What on earth is happening to our city that treats unpaid cares in such an outrageous way showing such contempt….. all I want is a service for my son that in law he is entitle to……………is that so bad……..





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Mammy & Guru to the Mainman - Unpaid Carer Activist - Campaigner for Disabled Rights - Warrior Queen & Mna Feasa -
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