Day in the life of an Unpaid Carer in Liverpool under Mayor Anderson.

All of Liverpool sobbed this week at the findings of the Hillsborough Report.  The families who have battled for 23 years for Justice got what they wanted *The Truth* 

I will never forget that day, my eldest son was there, the last thing I said to him ‘don’t swop your ticket’, he had a ticket for the stands and he alway like to be in with the lads standing up.

The day was lovely and sunny I was on the garden I came in to switch the television on to get the score.  I just stood there in fear not believing what I was watching.  I could see people running everywhere,  people had died my heart was racing.  A telephone number was on the screen, I rang it over and over again, it was constantly engaged.  

At about 8 pm I got a telephone call from a women I don’t know her name,  (no mobile phones then) she  said I’ve been asked to pass a message on *Your Son is Safe*.  I thanked her then and I thank her now for the message and I’m sure that was just one of many she made that day……..

When my son came home we hugged and cried, I gave him a drink of water and I remember his teeth banging against the glass.   Those who were at Hillsborough had been branded drunks hooligans, now  finally everyone knows the truth.

On the steps of St Georges Hall I saw all the Councillors standing shoulder to shoulder with the families.   I listened to Mayor Anderson deliver his speech saying he will support all the families ~ you will *You Will Never Walk Alone*

Oh! how I wish Mayor Anderson would say those words to me ‘You will Never Walk Alone’  I will support you I will get a service for your Son, I will support you as an unpaid carer,  but sadly I never heard any words  of support from Mayor Anderson.  I have heard words of abuse and bullying as we know from the email one of his councillors sent me…… *your hated by a cabinet member*……you will be surprised when I tell you what her cabinet responsibilities are…. truly you will be shocked…….

As an unpaid carer,  it’s heartbreaking this Labour Council have just dump us, we are looked at as  some sort of irritant.  So *Who does Care for the Care’s* in Liverpool not Mayor Anderson.

What Mayor Anderson doesn’t understand, without support the quality of our lives diminish,  we often have to give up salaried jobs, our social lives are severely restricted, hobbies recreation friends all take second place to are caring duties, for Mayor Anderson to have understanding of caring he has to have an insight.  

He has transferred  the responsibility of looking  after *The Care’s Grant* and assessments from Adult Social Care  to a private agency, the cares grant from the Government is not ring fenced.

Mayor Anderson is a small man in a big body, a man that rubs shoulders with Tory Ministers and  people who nominated him for his OBE  but never mixes with the little people like me.   Mayor Anderson never chats when he sees me, never even acknowledges my son.

I last saw Mayor Anderson at a cabinet meeting 28th August and of course he ignored me and my disabled son, the subject of the *hate* email took to her feet and was aggressive bordering on being out of control,  she spoke about the removal of the in-house transport…..the way she spoke to me confirmed the contents of the email was correct.

Mayor Anderson had to speak to me via the cabinet meeting as he was the chair…………. I was rather surprised his voice had changed…….that rough edge had gone….. don’t care what anyone says he has been using Margaret Thatcher’s voice coach…..all posh ….. it is now a voice to impress…. probably his pals in London……………..and what did he say to me in his posh voice…… just the norm…… putting me down, didn’t listen to what I had to say.   

But what Mayor Anderson must never forget:   The strongest poison ever known
Came from Caesar’s laurel crown.




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