The Banshee is coming……………………..

………………….Liverpool is full of the Irish I’m one of them and proudly so……. and every respected family in Ireland had its own Banshee… what is a Banshee…. a spirited Women whose name was known to all.

Well this Banshee is going to lead my fellow unpaid care’s to the town hall to Lobby Mayor Anderson over his transport policy.

Hard times breed hard people is a saying that has been proven time after time.  This has never been more true of anyone than the unpaid care’s of Liverpool.

You remember the cabinet member that hates me…..(which I’m still deeply upset about)  saying the in-house transport was under consultation and all 800 clients who use it would be assessed to see if they qualify.

Well I asked an FOIA  :-

  1. How many people pay to use in-house transport?   2. How many people don’t pay to use in-house transport?

Liverpool City Councils Reply:-

  1. 163 clients are charged to use in-house transport  2.  272 clients are not charged to use-in house transport.

It’s like being in the Twight Zone dealing with Liverpool City Council, okay I’m an unpaid carer and my brain is not what it use to be……….. but even I can see this is not right…… the dark arts of Liverpool City Council at work…………again.

So back to the Banshee lobby of the Town Hall at Mayor Anderson’s Cabinet meeting.  These defiant Unpaid Care’s are not the unusual variety, we are smart and politically cunning.   Mayor Anderson must honour the role of the unpaid carer as individuals and value our role in Liverpool, we are not voiceless subservient people, we are not part of that  silent anonymous masses that Mayor Anderson thinks we are.

It hasn’t always been like this when Mayor Anderson  became leader of the Labour Council, we unpaid care’s  started collecting for a stain glass window for him at the local church …………….    *Saint Joe*  *Patron Saint of the much wants more* ……….we have now voted to kick this into touch…..we have cancelled the local artist and the money we collected is going to be spent on booze – to dull the pain of the cuts he has made to Adult Social Care.










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