Nothing but the same old story from Liverpool City Council

………… well the main man still doesn’t have a service, though it does seem a little closer – Liverpool City Council had no option other than advertise for a service.   Two replied 1 new to the city and the other was not accredited to Liverpool.

Social Worker went to see the *new* agency,  gave a brief report (after my prompting) saying he would report back in more detail…… well to date……… no communication from the social worker, but that is the norm and doesn’t surprise me.  

Liverpool Council  don’t and have never put any urgency into giving my son a service,  by doing this Liverpool City Council are breaking community care law.

But then when has the main man and me his mammy ever mattered to this Labour Council… I can tell you never.   I feel as an unpaid carer battered.   Mayor Anderson and his administration certainly give me stress by their contemptuous attitude towards me.  

Mayor Anderson say’s he is a socialist and humanitarian he is deluded.

I’m still very upset that a Labour Councillor sent me an email saying I am *Hated* by a cabinet member and her husband…. the cabinet member has direct contact with the running of Adult Social Care, is this the reason my son has had to battle for a service because Liverpool Council have made it personal or this cabinet member has made it personal to me…… this is scary stuff…..

I asked an FOIA as to the costing of my case to the tax payers of our city :-             

Considering Mayor Anderson is cutting services to the bone the amount of public money that has been spent on my case is outrageous, and it is still on going so I hope the public’s pockets are deep….

Liverpool City Council’s leaflet sent to every home with the Council Tax demand. States  “Care’s are more than just a number in Liverpool – they are priceless to the city and its most vulnerable residents”.

Mayor Anderson was on the Radio Merseyside’s Roger Phillips phone-in on stating that “the Council is committed to protecting the most vulnerable people in Liverpool” ……….just look how Mayor Anderson has treated me an unpaid care’s and my son a vulnerable adult he has done the opposite of protect, he didn’t protect me from the councillor who sent me the email that says one Mayor Anderson’s cabinet members hates me…..

3 1/2 years without a service and still the social worker has no urgency to contact me….. says it all ………..and it is *Nothing But The Same Old Story* of  *I’m alright Jack*



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Mammy & Guru to the Mainman - Unpaid Carer Activist - Campaigner for Disabled Rights - Warrior Queen & Mna Feasa -
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2 Responses to Nothing but the same old story from Liverpool City Council

  1. Well said Audrey !!! Only by standing together can we achieve anything, You have battled away on a lone path for many years, its time other unpaid carers stepped up to the plate and joined you in the fight. And to anyone who thinks these issues are not poitical !! Wake Up !! everything in this life is political, always has been always will be. Politicans decide every aspect of our lives !! but we have something they cant take away..our right to say no and fightback !!! i urge all like minded people to join Audrey and fight for there loved ones future..because if you dont and its lost in terms of services and benifits..then its gone forever under todays politicians !!!!!


    • joedd says:

      Thanks for the support John – yes we need solidarity between unpaid carers – we have to stop the abuse and neglect to our love ones either in day centres or care homes. Liverpool Labour Council are closing day services (there aren’t many of them left) it is also cutting the number of people it is obliged to support (by making people with ‘moderate needs’ no longer eligible) and by shaving chunks off everyone else’s care and support packages. Carers are being forced to do more while the Council withdraws further from its responsibilities to the most disabled and vulnerable people of Liverpool. This accident to my son should never have happened…..they worked outside the law ..they isolated him from his peers……which resulted in my son being seriously injured and needing 4 operations…”Mayor Anderson will be judged on the basis of how he treats the city’s weakest and vulnerable people and his treatment of them is outragious” ………….shame on mayor anderson


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