WOW – it has been a long time since I last added to my blog – a few years and life has continued to be full to stress – anger – confrontation.

If you remember the main-man was kicked out of his day service (2009)   because I asked questions  as to how he had an accident which resulted in horrible injuries.

It’s 2010 and we now have a ‘Labour’ Council – is there a  smell of hope in the air for the Adult with Autism & Learning Disability……. is there buggery….

2011 spent the whole year trying to secure a service for the main-man from our new Labour Council……..” just another bricks in the wall”

2012 the main-man is still without a service …… I’m in battle with Mayor Anderson  – my treatment by Liverpool City Council is brutal –  receiving the most astringent letters from the city’s  legal department………Mayor Anderson now ignores me –  he refuse to take notice of  or acknowledge me or the main-man – he disregards me intentionally  and  ignores my emails…………

December 2012 a new services comes to Liverpool – Liverpool City Council made an impressive presentation of how they were moving forward with Autism in the city…….

 January 2013 The main-man was offered a place in the new day centre -then they withdrew it – “the main-man was very sad” – then the agency said we want to offer the service again – the main-man didn’t know if he was coming or going”.….. we accepted the offer – I put everything in place and we had a  community care assessment *a legal document* which I completed……. a work of art if I say so myself…..

The main-man started his new day service on 11th February…….HOORAH……

Day One – good

Day Two – good

Day Three – only 24 hours after the main-man started his day service – the *support workers* worked outside the Community Care Assessment the legal document – they isolated the main-man from his peers – took him to a park that was not risk assessed and is locally used for anti social behavour.

The main-man became upset and something happened with the support worker resulting in the main-man having his tooth broken off at the gum and loosened from the facial bone.

I didn’t receive a full explanation as to what happened from the support workers or Liverpool Labour Council other than the support workers arm had contact with  the main-mans mouth…………….(the main-man is non verbal so he can’t tell me what happened) sigh…..

The main-man was not given any medical help  – I picked him up from the day centre and took him to his dentist – he was transferred to hospital I was informed the main-man would need 4 operations, he has had two the third is this week – he has suffered both physical and psychological trauma.

Liverpool City Council went into over drive trying to protect itself – “what’s with the hostility?” – it’s the main-man that has been hurt…. of course the reputation of a Labour Council is far more important than a man with Autism.

I wrote numerious emails to Mayor Anderson all of which he ignored – he made it very clear the main-man is of no importance nor did he care about his injuries or there impact – how strange a public servant refuses to communicate with a member of the public….. but it is well known Mayor Anderson doesn’t go in for reflection & responsibility.

………..and then there is me – the Mammy to the main-man –   I have come full circle…….only this time the injuries to the main-man are a lot worse causing him excruciating pain and he was denied medical help.

After being without a service for 5 years – Liverpool Labour Council just dumped the main-man in a day service and never monitored the package – it just shows the lack of duty of care towards the vulnerable adult in Liverpool……shame on them…….

So wish the main man luck for his 3rd operation this week …….

(With legal representation  in place the first agency admitted liability on two counts for the injuries received to the main-man in 2009)



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