The Unpaid Carer…..


The main-man is waiting for his appointment for his next operation, the reason he is having these operation is because in the care of Liverpool Labour Council he had a serious accident……… the rest we all know.

But I was thinking not only is the main-man being  ignored by Liverpool Labour Council but also the Mammy – the unpaid carer.

Six million people in Britain have caring responsibilities and they come from all walks of life – all educational backgrounds and social groups,  we give up salaried jobs and of course our social life – hobbies – recreation and friends must take second place.

What authorities don’t understand or don’t want to understand caring involves people, feelings and relationships.  Unpaid cares sometimes find themselves in enormous difficulties through no fault of their own and if we complain to the authority we are automatically seen as problematic.

Every unpaid carer I talk to says the same thing  ‘lack of communication’  they feel the people employed to support them don’t really understand the problems ….. or don’t want to understand……




About Joedd

Mammy & Guru to the Mainman - Unpaid Carer Activist - Campaigner for Disabled Rights - Warrior Queen & Mna Feasa -
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