…IS IT ME…………



The main-man’s appointment has arrived for his next operation – mid October,  I telephoned the social worker – he’s not available says his colleague – I then get an email from the social worker saying

“Could I ask that you send any issues relating to the ‘main-man’ via email to me and I will do what I can to sort it out when I am available”

How strange and what does *I will do what I can to sort it out when I am available* to me this is unprofessional and not good practice especially when the main-man had an accident in their care.

I think the reason for this is I’m asking question they can’t answer, questioning their reports.

The report was far from an investigation it contained a number of inquiries made by the author, the answers to which had not been challenged or investigated further – the report served only to absolve Liverpool Council of any possible blame and the fact Liverpool Council investigated itself makes me feel very uncomfortable.

I’m very disappointment in the closed mind approach of the report’s author and Liverpool Council.  So lets put it into context……

The Main-man in the care of Liverpool Labour Council received a serious accident after only  3 days of a new service – the agency worked outside the Community Care Assessment [a legal binding document] which led to the accident – the main-man was left without any medical help………….. and Liverpool Labour City Council are upset that I’m upset that while in their care the main-man received a serious accident which has required numerious operations……..IS IT ME……

Only in the Twilight Zone of Liverpool City Council



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4 Responses to …IS IT ME…………

  1. chickstick11 says:

    Sounds like yet another big cover up. Have you thought of taking it to the media? x


  2. Dorothy Jump says:

    I am concerned that people are being treated this way. I do feel councils should not get away with these issues and should be challenged. I also think this is unlawful to do this and they should and all councils have a legal policy attached to safe guard peoples rights. Carers do have rights and need to Challenge. These issues also need to be fed back to the government and MP’s contacted. It’s Awful.


    • joedd says:

      Hi Dorothy

      Because I want to know what happened [the main-man is non-verbal] Liverpool Labour Council have marginalised me. It’s all about protecting the system. Cheers for your comments – it’s good to have support…. will you please share…. x


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