On the Naughty Step…..

I’m on the naughty step….. sob sob sob……

After the social workers visited to my home I received a ‘to the point’ email from him stating I could only communicate with him via emails.

At the meeting I was asking question he couldn’t answer regarding the main-mans accident.   Yesterday I received an email from his Line Manager saying [LCC]  felt the Mammy’s  behavior fell below their standards they are generally used to and they have to safe guard the social workers.

How strange, [at the meeting I had an observer] the meeting lasted 2 hours there were no restraint on the social workers they could have left at any time but they chose to stay they didn’t pass any comments that they felt uncomfortable.

I asked questions   ‘what happened to my the Main-man’  why did you [SW] say ”we [LCC] knew you wouldn’t let us get away with it”  – how did my the main-man receive such serious injuries – how did the main-man receiving bruising to his body – how did the main-man’s cloth get ripped – why wasn’t the main-man not given medical treatment – all these questions he couldn’t answer the questions are not unreasonable or unacceptable.  I explained it is now 7 months and I don’t still don’t know what happened only a sketchy outlines from the support workers.

The Social Worker actually is an okay guy, I told him this at the meeting I have a lot of time for him he has shown empathy and compassion.  If there is pressure on the Social Workers it’s not from the Mammy it’s from it the senior staff  not allowing him to talk about the accident and putting him in an impossible position between a rock and a hard place.

I appreciate the need to safe-guard but who safeguarded my the Main-man – it seems safe-guarding is the privilege of the professional.

If Liverpool City Council want to provide a good service they must have dialogue they have to listen to the ‘people’ when the Mammy say ‘what happened to the Main-man’ this isn’t being defensive this is voice of a concerned Mammy.

To put it into context my son in the care of Liverpool City Council/Agency had a serious accident only just 24 hours into a new service – they worked outside a legal binding document ‘the community care assessment’ resulting in the accident.

Liverpool Council talk about standards I wonder if they feel they fell short of their own standards when the Main-man had his accident and did the agency fall short of the councils standards to safe-guard and care the Main-man.

Liverpool Labour Council need to listen and they need to be honest to the Mammy as to what happened to the Main-man.

Pressure to the Social Worker doesn’t come from the Mammy/Public but the Hierarchy and it is this Hierarchy who driving social workers to leave their jobs.

As for the Mammy I’m not going away until I find out what happened to the Main-man.   If this had happened to Mayor Anderson Grandson it would be on the front page on the Echo, but I have no influence – I am of no importance …… but I am the Mammy …..and my voice will be heard.



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