Sky above me – Earth below me – Fire within me

[a catch up]

…… sorry it’s been so long since my last blog…. Liverpool Labour Council kept on trying to push the Mammy back on the naughty step…… the letter they sent me saying I had fallen below the councils standards – well they sent that letter to me 4 times – the same letter, now some may say that is bullying and I would have to agree with them.

The mainman had 6 operations to repair the injuries to his mouth …… his surgeon says he will need more surgery in the future, he certainly has  suffered ….. Mayor Anderson chose to ignore my emails ….but as the saying goes…….. ”First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”

From ‘that’ meeting in my home The Health and Care Professions Council are undertaking an investigation into the conduct of  3 professionals employed by Liverpool Labour Council!!

Also the Police are holding a criminal investigation against the two support workers who are employed by Autism Initiatives and were under contract to LCC …..file to the CPS….

…….and the Mammy has issued Liverpool Labour Council with a lawsuit………

I have received many a report from LCC not answering one question – but with plenty of red herrings and grey areas……. and many a solicitor’s letter from them – one with a gagging order….. an illegal gagging order…again using  bullying tactics hoping I will go away…….. well while this Mammy has fire in her belly I will never go away until I get justice for the ”The Mainman”…….

It has been said, corruption is the fibre of Liverpool Labour Council…… I couldn’t possible comment at such a statement….. but they certainly don’t go in for transparency – they do like grey areas.

If Liverpool Labour Council paid less attention to their own reputation and more to the care of the vulnerable adult then the Mainman may not have received such terrible injuries.

It has been hard fighting for Justice, knowing it doesn’t exist within corridors of the City Council …. well not for a working class Mammy like me….

But as long there is a sky above me – earth below me – and fire in my belly…… I will get Justice and Recognition for the MainMan……what happened to my son shouldn’t happen to any vulnerable person………….. it’s not about safeguarding Mayor Anderson and his administration, but safeguarding the vulnerable adult.

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