Liverpool Adult Social Care an Empty Vessel

……the battle is still on going with Liverpool Labour Council, they pay no heed to the fact  the Mainman was/is so traumatised over the injuries he received while in their care and the care of Autism Initiatives.

At present there is a criminal investigation against the two support worker. A lawsuit against Liverpool Labour Council. Three Social Workers being investigated by the Health and Care Professional Council.

With that in mind……………….

I’m still receiving correspondence from my very favourite City Council Solicitor, last week I received a letter with an ultimatum. [Wisdom and Compassion something that is lacking from Liverpool Labour Council]


1. Send the Mainman back to the day services *now[Merseyside Police are still holding a criminal investigation against the two support workers ”who are still working at the day centre” and haven’t been suspended – the Mainman is still traumatised]

2. Direct Payments

3. Don’t have a service.

Liverpool Labour Council cannot deal with the mainman  in such a simplistic and uncaring way given the physical and psychological effect the injuries have had on him.

Their approach to the mainman gives the measure of Liverpool Labour Council Adult Social Care – no empathy – no compassion,  just an empty vessel……

As the Mammy, my heart has been broken and many a tear has been shed but with all of the problems the mainman has had/having – his courage shines through, he has been so brave through the most difficult circumstances.

When the mainman left the house to go to his day centre on that terrible morning – he had a full set of teeth – no bruising to his body and his cloths intact – he came home with teeth missing – bruising to his body and clothes ripped…….. he was left to suffer being refused any medical help by the support workers…… the Mainman couldn’t shout for help – he is non-verbal………..and Liverpool Labour City Council are upset that I’m upset….. couldn’t make it up.

Of Course Mayor Anderson continues to ignore my emails, obviously the Mainman is of no importance –  it just shows how little regard Mayor Anderson has for vulnerable adults and the unpaid carer in ”his city”

I love the ‘The Mainman’,  I love him for who he is and what I am when I’m with him –  he is just wonderful handsome dude and I will fight for Justice despite all the hurdles, obstacles Liverpool Labour Council put in my way.

The Mainman has a wonderful family who support and love him unconditionally they make his world rock with love and laughter……and the occasional Guinness ….


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Mammy & Guru to the Mainman - Unpaid Carer Activist - Campaigner for Disabled Rights - Warrior Queen & Mna Feasa -
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