Tangled Web.

…………….   I now have litigation against Liverpool Labour Council for the ‘alleged’ abuse against the Mainman, what else could I do,  they  ignore all my question about his terrible injuries, they thought by ignoring me I would go away….. ”how foolish of them”

They placed an illegal gagging order on me saying I couldn’t talk to any 3rd parties… an illegal  gagging order against an unpaid carer who’s adult disabled son while in their care was injured needing 6 operation……. what are they frightened of – it also shows the level of bullying that exists within the council.

My Solicitor has written to Adult Social Care many times asking for access to files – again we were met with obstructive officers they would rather be obstructive than progressive, being obstructive again shows the level of arrogance within this Labour Council.

We had no other option other than to make an application to the courts for an order asking Adult Social Care to release the files – the court agreed with our application and gave LCC/Adult Social Care until 10th October to comply – [they were ordered to pay court costs] – you will never guess what they did – yes that’s right they ignored the court order……….. this Labour Council obviously thinks it’s above the law.

My solicitor wrote to them numerious time to no avail they left us no option other than to inform the courts  – our application was once again successful the court extending the time for compliance of the previous order but more importantly they have endorsed a penal notice on the order.

The Council have until 25th November to respond, they were also ordered to pay court costs.  This is the second lot of court costs they have been ordered to pay, obviously Mayor Anderson has money to burn.

If Adult social Care/Liverpool Labour Council ignore this court order I don`t think Ged Fitzgerald will be too happy as the penal notice will be against him being the Chief Executive.   Obstructive officers – files going missing is there a pattern forming here.

There is nothing dignified about Liverpool Labour Council they have turned arrogance into an art form along with ignorance and incompetence.

To treat a profoundly disabled man like this  gives the measure of Mayor Anderson and his administration, but he has one thing to look forward to ”Me in a witness box”

I will keep you updated ….. start counting down to 25th……..


About Joedd

Mammy & Guru to the Mainman - Unpaid Carer Activist - Campaigner for Disabled Rights - Warrior Queen & Mna Feasa -
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2 Responses to Tangled Web.

  1. paul traynor says:

    Good luck they are a Fucking disgrace along with their shit bag labour gobshites


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