The Tyranny of some is due to the cowardice of others.


The following people were involved in the Mainman’s in-house investigation and all stayed silent that the support worker had received no training.

Mayor Anderson

Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care Deputy Mayor Roz Gladden

Chief Executive of Liverpool City Council

Director of Adult Social Care 

Commissioning Manager

3 Senior Social Workers who worked alongside the Director of Adult Social Care

4 Social Workers 

City Solicitor for Council

Council Solicitor

Chief Executive of Autism Initiatives Andy Grainger

National Director of Autism Initiatives Kate Silver

Area Manager of Autism Initiatives 

Six support worker from Autism Initiatives

Managers from Autism Initiatives


KNOWLEDGE IS POWER – INFORMATION IS POWER – THE HOARDING OF KNOWLEDGE FOR YOUR OWN BENEFIT IS TYRANNY……. I have now taken that power away from Liverpool Labour Council and Autism Initiatives ….. “I have access to the training records of the support worker”….  

autism awarnessson










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One Response to The Tyranny of some is due to the cowardice of others.

  1. Wirral In It Together says:

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    Cruel, callous, cowardly… Liverpool City Council. Dishonest members, senior officers, tyrants and their willing servants and bystanders are named… one by one…


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