Self-Flagellation & Non-Compliance Notice

For Love of the Mainman......

……. well after my last blog ”he who must be obeyed”   got his legal team to talk to my legal team saying my blogs are upsetting people…….. sob…. sob….sob…..

After several weeks of self-flagellation….. the Mammy is back.

Autism Initiatives is a big agency throughout the UK and Northern Ireland, it’s run by the same person Chief Executive Andy Grainger the same person who is involved with the running of Liverpool Autism Initiatives which the mainman attended and received his injuries.

An unannounced inspection of Autism Initiatives *Mary Murray House*  Northern Ireland was undertaken on 23rd July 2014 as a result of a whistle-blower.

They found that they did not have the suitable qualified – competent and experience staff to meet the needs of the clients.

The inspection identified significant concerns relating to unsafe care and restrictive practices.  As a direct consequences of the inspection by the RQIA – Autism Initiatives were…

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