The Liverpool Mayor versus The Mainman – how power abuse targets vulnerable people

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5th March 2015

The two year anniversary of the origins of this story came and went recently.

On 26th February 2013, an as yet unexplained incident took place, involving an autistic man and his alleged ‘carers’ in Liverpool.  This was both foreseeable and avoidable and occurred at a new day service centre known as Kaleidoscope, run by a company called Autism Initiatives.

I say it was foreseeable and avoidable because we all remember from our TV screens the shocking events that unfolded at Winterbourne View – which happened in 2012, well before this incident; events which to this day remain seared into the nation’s collective consciousness.

Department of Health Winterbourne View Report – along with all the lessons learned

I’ll quote a very short excerpt from this report:

This report lays out clear, timetabled actions for health and local authority commissioners working together to transform care and support for people with learning disabilities or…

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