UNPAID CARER IS A MALCONTENT……. says Mayor Anderson.

On 28th November Mayor Anderson on BBC Radio Merseyside made a comment about me ”The Mammy”.

As you can hear from the above link, my name got an immediate reaction from Mayor Anderson – his accusations of me abusing him on Facebook and Twitter are untrue, firstly he doesn’t have a Facebook Account nor do I abuse him on twitter, I suggest Mayor Anderson contacts Twitter and ask for a print out of his account then he can highlight were I have abused him, which of course he won’t because his statement is not true.

Mayor Anderson’s outburst/rant on Radio Merseyside was that of a politician who has personal issues with The Mammy an Unpaid Carer the purpose for his rant was to colour the public’s opinion of me  –  quite obviously Mayor Anderson can’t cope with my womanhood.

His outburst can only be seen as unsavory and offensive and certainly not befitting speech of a senior Politician – bit like Gordon Brown moment – whats with these Labour Politicians and Strong Women.

Lets remember The Mainman in the Care of Autism Initiatives / Liverpool City Council after only 3 days attending their day centre,  received serious injuries that required 6 operations, he also received bruising to his body, and his clothes ripped.

Autism Initiatives worked outside the Community Care Assessment/Care Plan which LCC signed off making it a legal document – the support workers isolated the mainman going against these documents and resulting in his injuries.

I wrote several emails to Mayor Anderson asking for his help, all very polite emails, he ignored everyone – yet Mayor Anderson repeatedly says ”we in Liverpool Value our Unpaid Carers and disabled Adults ” ….. ”liar liar pants on fire”….. or is it just me he has issues with.

In 2012 I received emails from Cllr Joe Hanson saying I was hated by Cllr Roz Gladden Deputy Mayor, Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care.  I complained there was a disciplinary investigation.

A Labour investigation found no grounds for Cllr Hanson’s allegation,  Cllr Hanson apologised to his Labour colleagues and to The Mammy in other words he told a non truth.

Not that I’m a conspiracy queen, but is there a pattern here…

1. Told by Cllr Hanson Cllr Roz Gladden Hates me.

2 Autism Initiatives offers  package to the Mainman

3 Autism Initiatives removed the offer to the Mainman

4 Autism Initiatives changes their mind and make the offer again.

5 Mainman after 3 days in Autism Initiatives received serious injuries.

6. Mayor Anderson publicly rants on Radio Merseyside about the Mammy saying ”I abuse him and I’m a malcontent”.

…… see the pattern

I’m fighting for Justice and Recognition for the mainman and Mayor Anderson can continue to publicly rant about me because I’m not going away…… his grandson while at John Lennon airport was allegedly verbally abused by a fellow passenger – he contacted the Echo and had the story on the 2nd page – saying he was claiming the CCTV and informing the police to take action against the individual……. wonder what he would do if his grandson received the same injuries as the mainman………..

The Mammy’s clothed in Strength and Dignity – what is Mayor Anderson Clothed in…

womens day



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