Empathy is a feeling of understanding to appreciate the feelings of another.  

In the case of Liverpool City Council who have a direct effect on the lives of Disabled Adults they are void of empathy.  Liverpool City Council make decisions that affect the lives of vulnerable adults not caring of the impact or the disabled persons preference.

If a person is non-verbal (like the mainman) they have a right to be listened to and understood irrespective of the way they communicate.

In today’s climate in Liverpool the Disabled Adult is forced into doing things the council prefers rather than the disabled person, the more challenging the person the more they are left out of activities, the system wants someone who is ‘easy to manage’ and not someone who is difficult or demanding.

The mainman loves to sing (in his non verbal way) dance – feel happiness – his emotions are real……  

He was recently honoury best man at his brothers wedding – he wore his old training shoes/tracksuit bottoms and ”New T Shirt”  he was happy and content.

The best part of the day for the mainman was the food and Guinness he turned the day into his day, even having his own chocolate *wedding cake*.

It is important that  Liverpool City Council see the world through the eyes of a Disabled Person.

Disabled people are in every way equal to all – Disabled Lives Matter.








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Mammy & Guru to the Mainman - Unpaid Carer Activist - Campaigner for Disabled Rights - Warrior Queen & Mna Feasa -
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  1. finolamoss says:

    The autistic and learning disabled are being deliberately made by an evil system into cash cows.

    The government realise they can effectively sell them to venture capital care services and the money paid for their purchase, is our public money £4000 + per week for life,

    They do this out of money, that by law should be provided to the disabled and their family under the Chronically Sick and Disabled Act 1970.

    So totally appalling. And then they do it on the excuse of cost cutting !!

    The mental health services are full of people who do not engage with their assessments yet they assess them anyway, how ??

    And they assess, the autistic as insentient ie not able to form relationships, know where they want to live, who they see , what they eat, so they can make maximum profit from them.

    How do we stop this happening…….. their lives and our lives ruined for profit.

    best wishes,


  2. joedd says:

    Thank you for your comments – the mainman has had a pretty bad time at the hands of Liverpool City Council – after the ”alleged assault” while in the care of LCC/Autism Initiatives day service he had 9 operation to repair the damage to his mouth – litigation still on going – LCC have the philosophy of self preservation at any cost they don’t care about the well being of the disabled person or the parent. Solidarity Audrey.


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