17th Operation for the Mainman

On 31st August the Mainman went into Liverpool Dental Hospital for his 17th Operation because of injuries he received while in the care of Liverpool City Council and Autism Initiatives.  He had full anaesthetic which went via his nose, his surgeon’s were

Professor Youngson BDS, DDSc, FDS, DRD, MRD, FDS(Rest Dent) RCS (Edin), FDS RCS (Eng) PFHEA.  

Dr Fadi Jarad BDS, PhD, MFDS RCS(Eng) MRD Endodontics RCS (Edin), FHEA, 

Avril  MacPherson Clinical Director Consultant of Dental Surgery

Consultant Anaesthetist plus full theatre staff

The operation lasted 4 hours the surgeons came to see me half way through the op explaining their findings and how they were going to proceed.

4 hours is a long time and I was very worried and quite weepy the Mainman’s brother was with me and was very supportive.

After the op, we went to the recovery room the poor Mainman was out of it he eventually came round but was very shaky his nose was sore and swollen as was the lower half of his face after a few hours he was allowed home the nurses supported him to his brothers car ‘he legs were very shaky’.

The Mainman could only eat very soft food but he slept for the next two days …… as always I am tremendously proud of him his 17th operation and he coped well.

Autism Initiatives put my son with a casual support worker who was on zero hour contract and had received no training – we are checking at the moment whether Autism Initiatives did a CRB/DBS check.

Autism Initiatives states in their literature their mission is to meet the needs of people with autism and only have staff that a fully trained. Autism Initiatives refused to produce the bank staff training record my legal team applied to the courts who instructed Autism Initiatives/Liverpool City Council to release the document.

I was not surprised to read the support work had received no training, what I found sinister is that Autism Initiatives/Liverpool City Council tried to hide the training records from me and my legal team.



It is 4 1/2 years since the ‘incident’ 17 operations later and Liverpool City Council and Autism initiatives still display contempt and arrogance.

I look forward to the trial……


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2 Responses to 17th Operation for the Mainman

  1. Lynne says:

    Fucking L.C.C. – I hate them too



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