5 years – 60 months – 260 weeks – 1.825 days – 43.817 hours – 2.629.038 minutes – 157.742.310 seconds this is how long the Mainman has suffered at the hands of Liverpool City Council – Autism Initiatives.

One tooth knocked out [will lose another in the near future] – 19 operations – bruised body – cut lip – coat ripped off his back and Support Worker said I don’t know how it happened.




One of the 19 operations my wonderful lovely son had to go through – it broke my heart.

On the 18th April 2018 we were in court for the Judge to sign off the Mainmans compensation for the serious injuries he received while in the care of Autism Initiatives.

In 2017 my Solicitor/Barrister advised me to remove Liverpool City Council from the legal action as each party were going back and forth with no regard to the well being of the Mainman.

Mayor Anderson OBE ignored all my letters/emails I wrote to him politely asking for help.  I find it quite ironic that he can write to the FA over an Everton FC Transfer but when a vulnerable adult asks for help he turns his back.

Liverpool Council made life deliberately difficult – I had a meeting in my home with 2 social workers and my observer – one social worker took minutes [as you can see] when I asked for a copy  I was told by a manager social worker “no minutes take” – and gave me the address of the Ombudsman.

I reported all 3 social workers to HCPC this picture was part of my evidence


The Social Workers had a 3-year strike against their registration which would become active if more issues came to light.

Now, why would the Social Workers blatantly lie – the Manager Social Worker in his evidence to the HCPC said the other social workers told him *no minutes taken*  isn’t that scary stuff – what were they trying to hide or what were they told to hide…..

The Mainman was diagnosed by his private psychologist as having Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – Liverpool City Council and Autism Initiatives wanted their own assessment – they employed a Harley Street Psychiatrist [who agreed with our diagnoses].  Liverpool Council paid for a Psychiatrist to come from London to assess the Mainman for one hour then travel back to London.

The Support Worker involved in the incident was employed by Autism Initiatives on zero hour contract and had received no training he also refused to give a statement for the court hearing as he didn’t want to  be cross-examined!

Autism Initiatives who say they are a 21st century agency  should hang their heads in shame here are a few reviews from their own web page.

autism initiatives
Support Worker (Former Employee) –  Bootle – 1 October 2017
worst company to ever work for work over 45 hours a week 14 hr shifts a day and don’t get paid the right amount have 1 day of work and have double pay taking from wages would never work for company again. Fake promises to all service users within there facilities. the houses that I visited when I was employed by AI were in diss repair but autism initiative seem to just value the money they are receiving for service users.

House Manager (Current Employee) –  Bootle, Merseyside – 29 June 2017
They do not seem to care about their staff. Staff are continually expected to work 50+hours to give up pre arranged events at moments notice with virtually thanks what so ever

Terrible place to work
Key Worker/Support Worker (Former Employee) –  Warrington – 23 July 2015
The hours are unsociable the pay is unfair for what you are expected to do. Management are mostly related and stick together. Bullying is rife by management and service users are treated disrespectful.

All unpaid carers – parents of an Autistic Child don’t think for one minute that Liverpool City Council are Autistic Friendly they are not my Adult son has been battered  by them  – Social Workers lying – Mayor Anderson refusing to answer my correspondence – I wrote to Joe Anderson for the best interest of the Mainman – he ignored me in the best interest of himself.
I will be writing another blog soon as I have a lot more to say about the remorseless system of Liverpool City Council.




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    An updating post by Audrey on the latest situation. FIVE years ago, Audrey’s autistic son – the Mainman – was attacked and had his teeth knocked out by an untrained worker employed by Autism Initiatives. Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson ignored the Mainman’s care plan and Audrey’s plight and all the emails that were sent to him. He even branded Audrey as a “malcontent” on his pet, captured radio programme – the Roger Phillips phone-in on BBC Radio Merseyside. Happily, the Mainman won his legal case against these foul corporate and council abusers.

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