Autism Initatives Northern Ireland – ”Nothing but the same old Story”

The Mainman is still suffering after receiving severe injuries while in the care of Autism Initiatives and Liverpool City Council – shame on them and the male support worker involved in the incident…….. [shall I name him] ….. I’ll name him in my next blog – did I tell you he has never been registered to vote – never been on the electoral roll…… now there may be a simple explanation for this…… I sure would love to hear it – he’s a man of mystery …….

As we know Autism Initiatives sacrifices the client rather than tarnish their reputation as they did with the Mainman.

Autism Initiatives also practice in Northern Ireland again as in Liverpool the clients received extremely poor care

Northen Ireland Social Care found a support worker while employed by Autism Initiatives wasn’t fit to practice due to misconduct on the 4th & 8th September 2017 – the support worker used restrictive practice methods upon a service user.

Obviously, there is a pattern running through Autism Initiatives – the difference is that Northern Ireland Social Care supported the client and took action against the support worker, unlike Liverpool City Council who turned their back on the Mainman

notice of the decision by NISC

Autism Initiatives has no sense of caring if they did they wouldn’t have treated the Mainman as they did.

……. and when the system tries to grind you down – just say …….fuck this shit…… 

Solidarity is Power

arcadia 1


The Mammy and the Mainman – he makes me so proud ……..  simply the best……











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    Latest update on shameful Autism Initiatives and their untrained, unqualified employee’s violent abuse of the Mainman.

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