It is nearly 4 years since the Mainman received his injuries while in the care of Autism Initiatives and Liverpool City Council Adult Social Care.

Litigation is still ongoing, my legal team has told me Liverpool City Council and Autism Initiatives are ‘cross’ with me for writing blogs and they wish me to stop.

I started blogging to make people aware just how Autistic Adults are treated by the very people who have a duty of care to them.  The Mainman has now had 10 surgeries because of the incident.

Yesterday the government were defeated in the House of Lords over controversial proposals to allow councils to request exemptions from statutory social care duties.

Today Mayor Anderson made a statement asking the residents of our city to support a 10% Council Tax increase the increase will be used to keep Adult Social Care afloat he goes onto say if they don’t get an increase  he will no longer be able to fund even basic services.

The fact Liverpool Council have no money doesn’t stop them from fighting [using public money] my litigation but then why should they care it’s not their money and not their child.

Doublethink the power of holding two contradictory beliefs.






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4 Responses to DOUBLETHINK

  1. finolamoss says:

    There is no Adult support except for residential for life with no choice over services, or even when you go out, get washed dressed etc, or whether you ever see your parents again.

    And it costs, as much as the monopoly provider demands, on the deemed severity of the disability, equated with the need for extra support, which is not necessarily the case, as more sedation will be used.

    This averages £4,000 a week, and comes from central funds under the Chronically Sick and Disabled Act 1970, and this money has been hijacked by the commissioning LAs, as it should be made available by law to the disabled and their family.

    Read my blog by googling Finola Moss

    They don’t like blogs, because they reveal what is actually happening, and what services for the vulnerable actually consist of, that is why Adult Service provision, can normally not be blogged about, as the blogger,will usually be gagged under a COP under MCA court order, on the excuse it is not in the ‘best interests’ of the service user as it might effect future service provision..


    • Audrey O'Keefe says:

      Hi thank you for your comments – LCC/AI like to keep up the pretense to the public all is well – they may not like me writing blogs – I don’t like what happened to my son while in their care. The Mainman is not a service uses [he was only a service uses for 3 days when the incident happened]

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    • finolamoss says:

      Thanks for link. I wanted to comment in Guardian, but no comments allowed, as is increasingly the position on anything where information might get out.

      As we know, child and adult protection services, are now being used to make the maximum profit for monopoly, unaccountable privatised, commissioned by the LA care providers, who are increasingly venture capital backed, often from the USA google finola moss.

      These SERVICES consist of removal to adoption and fostering and to residential care by court orders.

      Already as article states, a quarter of a billion is being spent and millions of profit has already been made by private providers.

      The consumers, those deemed learning disabled and autistic , or deemed at risk- the young and old, are even more aggressively being harvested for profit, and processed through the courts.

      And ever greedy, the GOVERNMENT, need more public money to feed this bonanza , and do so, by the huge lie, that services are bad because of insufficient funds.

      There is cost cutting to support at home, AND such support is now none existent, but this will not improve no matter how much money is paid, as has been shown already, as the policy of LA is removal on very spurious/made up safeguarding grounds, to private providers for on average £4,000 a week, up to £8000, as opposed to carers allowance of £62,50 if the cared for remain at home + £105 DLA, as no other support is provided, so this is not about shortage of money.

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